Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet the Teacher

Today at 5:00 we will go to the kid's elementary school for a "Meet the Teacher." You could call it orientation or open house; we're just hoping not to call it "the day Amie finally broke and lay in the fetal position weeping hysterically and had to be scraped off the floor of the third grade hall." Let's really NOT call it that.

It's such a dichotomy of emotions. I am excited for my two oldest as they start a new thing. I am nervous for them as they start a new thing. I look forward to a few hours without them under my feet. I will miss having them under my feet. And with so many confusing, conflicting, and raw emotions rolling around compacted by the fact that Justus was fussy with a tummy ache all-night-long and something as simple as meeting the new teacher could easily turn into a blub fest.

But on the bright side - Bella, Justus, and I will be left with a willing and capable helper.

I think Justus is saying "Are you sure he's not going to eat me?" Don't worry, little man. I'm 98% sure! =)


Rosie said...

awww Justus Love

The Millenders said...

I love you even though you are a cry baby!