Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well, well, well...

It is always refreshing to know that no matter how stupid I think I am, there is someone out there who will take the bait. ;-)

Congratulations KIP!!!

Because you clearly have too much time on your hands --you are the proud winner of nothing except my gratitude for not leaving a psychotic woman hanging out there all alone. You had my back and I'm forever in your debt.

"I blog therefore I am." was the correct translation of the highly sophisticated secret webding message. In retrospect I should have gone with "My brain is mush and I cannot be trusted to operate heavy machinery." But that would've been a little much.

Thanks to all for tolerating my randomness today. Nothin' but love for ya.


Renee and Jeremy said...

Hello: I have been reading your blog for a while now and thought I should say howdey! I feel like I know you a little from reading your posts. What a great idea- blogging. It's all new to me. I was soon amazed to discover the many others adoption bloggers out there and many for the Philippines or countries close by. My hubbie and I live in Nova Scotia Canada right next to Newfoundland. We just finished our psy assessment today and hope to get our report next week and send off our dossier to the Philippines!!! I am so excited!

I would love to hear from ya. It has been such a great support reading and sharing with Renee (another blogger)over this last little while and I would love to connect with others on the same journey. Please feel free to drop by my new blog at http://philippinesadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/. Take care for now,
Renee- in NS.. smile

The Sexton Crew said...

Renee and Jeremy -Welcome and congratulations on your dossier! It's an incredible amount of work. And now, the waiting. ugh. The waiting is the hard part.

I will check out your blog and would love to keep track with you! Exciting stuff.