Saturday, August 2, 2008


A couple of short scenes from my life recently:

The Library Loser

I've gotten repeated pre-recorded messages regarding two overdue library books. I was starting to get annoyed and thinking to myself, "those ding-dongs must've missed something 'cause I know we returned all our books."

Two days later, Mamoune is looking under the couch for the remote control and pulls out...yup, two library books. grrr.

Tax Free not TERROR Free

I went to Walmart to take advantage of tax free weekend and purchase school supplies. I did not know what school supplies to purchase because my kid's school was not among those listed in the store and I was too dumb to look it up online. I pull three other schools 3rd grade lists and begin trying to compile my own version of what they need. I then join the 473,000 other people crammed into the one subject notebook aisle. I stood for like 10 minutes staring blankly at the chaos before me, moving occasionally to the right or left to get out of the way of other people who seemed to know what they were doing. I have yet to pull up the correct school list because I don't want to see how much I have to go back for.

It's 2 a.m. Do you know where your brain is?

While feeding Justus the other night I had the song "Missing" by Everything but the Girl in my head. You know the one..."and I miss you like the deserts miss the rain..." I started thinking (which I do not advise doing in the middle of the night) Do deserts miss rain? Isn't a desert a place where it never rains? If it never rains, how can the desert miss it? Can you miss what you've never had? Maybe she doesn't really miss him at all. Maybe she never really had him but still misses him. Maybe I've misunderstood the song all these years.

Note to self: Maybe you should shut up and go to sleep!

yeah, I think that says it all.


Rosie said...

That photo of Justus! You cant not love it!

Jena Tager said...


The Sexton Crew said...

Jena -he loves you, too! And he wishes you would update your blog. (He told me so) =)