Monday, December 17, 2007

Beauty School Drop Out

In other news tonight... we've learned of a beauty salon in Wake Forest, North Carolina owned and operated by Miss Isabella Sexton, who, in fact, does not have a license to practice cosmetology. Our researchers did some digging into this story and found that Miss Sexton dropped out of beauty school at a very, very early age but has continued managing this boutique illegally for some time. We caught up with the salon owner earlier this afternoon but as you can see, she was unwilling to give us a complete interview. We'll let you decide for yourself. Would you trust this woman with your hair?

Here we found her working with a client.

She seemed very focused on the task. It took a moment before she noticed our crew BUT she did notice us.

"HEY! What's going on? You people got an appointment?"

"Get outta my studio. Right now. You hear me. Get on out."

"I said no cameras up in here. Turn that (censored) camera off!"



karla said...

Oh Amie...she is soooo cute!!!

nancy said...

What I want to know is: Who does her hair?

The Sexton Crew said...

Nancy -that's the really funny part about it, huh? Apparently she's a "wear your 'do' as I say and not as I do" kinda girl.

The Millenders said...

that's a set up for a blog title if i have ever seen one. she was FRAMED!

The Sexton Crew said...

Prove it -she ain't talking. =)

Amy said...

I love it. She is too cute and I had to show her to my whole family.
the other Amy

nancy said...
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