Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh What a Night

6:00 pm Bella has a blow out diaper at church. Amie brings her home early.

8:00 pm Bella goes down for the night (or so we think).

9:00 pm Tim and kids get home from church. Nathan's throat hurts.

9:15 pm Bella has another blow out diaper and refuses to be comforted.

10:00 pm Tim and his coughing, scratchy-throated self takes medicine and goes to bed. Amie and Bella try to sleep on the couch.

11:45 pm Bella's fever goes down and she finally quits fidgeting enough to fall asleep on a pallet
beside the couch.

1:05 am Isaiah throws up twice -in his bed and on the floor. Amie cleans up, changes sheets, and supplies Izzy with a vomit bucket and dose of acidophilus. Amie wakes Tim up and gives him acidophilus. Tim starts coughing. Amie feels bad but still thinks coughing is better than vomiting.

2:00 am Amie returns to the couch and listens for sounds of puking, pooping, and coughing.

4:00 am Isaiah throws up again -in the bucket, thankfully!

4:30 am Amie returns to the couch and Bella begins moaning and passing ridiculous amounts of gas in her sleep.

5:00 am Amie pats Bella and thinks of our friend Cory Thornton (stationed in Japan with the Marines) who is just about 8 hours out of surgery for an elbow that is broken in two places. Amie is very thankful for the dose of perspective and wonders how to say "hurl" in Japanese.

5:45 am Tim takes Amie's place on the couch and sends her to the bedroom. Tim continues coughing. Bella starts crying. Tim tries to get her back to sleep on his chest.

6:00 am Nathan screams for his daddy because he is coughing his head off. Tim carries Bella with him to give Nathan some medicine.

Unbeknownst to them, Tim and Amie share a moment of prayerful relief that the sun will be up soon and this night will end.

9:00 am Everyone is up. No more vomiting so far. Bella is a crab. Amie is a crab. Tim is going to try and put in a couple of hours of work. We are out of Children's Tylenol and Motrin. There is carpet to clean and laundry to do.

Projected for 2:00 pm -FAMILY NAP!


Michelle said...

Two words - peppermint tea - it's a simple remedy that works wonders!! Solves all digestive ailments in this house - Tim will just have to cough - i haven't figured that one out yet. Sorry

The Millenders said...

Isaiah is too old for that mess! Really, I can't believe you haven't taught him to throw up in his hands yet. Hope Livesay already does, and she's only six. If only you were a better Tara. We love you and hope you didn't give us anything at church last night!! Wishing you bodily rest in many ways. ron

Tim said...

If your ready to stop hearing about gross bodily functions but still want to track with the Sextons, go to Tim's blog at Or just go to, click on "blogs" and go to "Tim's blog." Sure, it's not entertaining or funny like Amie's blog, but at least it's not gross!

Love you, babe!

The Sexton Crew said...

Tim -maybe people will read your blog as faithfully as you read this one. =) Love you!

Ron -just a little reminder that Isaiah is only SIX, too! And Hope Livesay is a girl so clearly she's maturing at a faster rate. It's an unfair comparison. And as for Mrs. Livesay -she can't be that great of a mom or God wouldn't keep making her start over! ;-)

Michelle -can you email me the recipe?
We've had no vomiting since 4 am but better safe than sorry.

Amy said...

Bless your hearts! All of you. Did you get that nap?
Another Amy (TN)
...who would also like the peppermint tea recipe if you care to share here

The Sexton Crew said...

Amy -I'd be happy to share the recipe...

Michelle, if you haven't already emailed can you just post it in this comment section?

The kid crew took a long nap. Tim made phone calls for work and I wasted my time on this computer. I think I will sleep well tonight though barring anymore sickness.

Here's hoping.

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

OH lovely. I am up in the night and I see a bunch of fools ripping on me. WHAT IS THIS??? !!!! You all deserve to be vomited upon.

Hope is the ONLY one who pulled that stunt off. Isaac puked on walls, matresses, multiple toys, it was ugly. Noah ... couch, bed, floor.

I think God kept giving me more children until it was TRULY TOO MANY and therefore I had NO STINKIN CHANCE of doing it well or managing on my own --- therefore I would be DRIVEN to my knees and forced into total reliance upon Him. Your theory is wrong Ames. ;)

The Sexton Crew said...

Tara -I wondered when we'd be hearing from you. And what can I say -you are a real woman. God only trusts me with four and He might even be having second thoughts about that. =)

I officially retract my theory although if I'm right, putting Phoebe next to the stove may have doomed you to number 8. ;-)

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

oh amie

you're just jealous that your kids don't bake for you in the night.

eat your heart out.

Michelle said...

Peppermint tea - easy. You can either buy the tea bags from a store - I think Celestial Seasons has it. I have dried peppermint here at the house and just put it in a tea ball - I steep it in hot water for about 5-10 minutes, add a little bit of raw honey (which is also good for tummy ailments) and serve. I like to make it strong...

Michelle said...

Oh - for an exact recipe and info - you can go to my other blog - and look in the August blog archive for it.