Saturday, December 8, 2007

Country Roads

This was Mema's favorite song (and another fun one for you Mr.Millender). Mema was Tim's maternal grandmother. Yesterday marked the four year anniversary of her passing. She was a special lady in many ways and I want to take the opportunity to just mention a few.

For years we thought Mema was, well, crazy. She was the kind of woman who would take every opportunity to brag on her family and to talk about her Jesus. I mean every opportunity. Church services, weddings, funerals, etc. It didn't matter who was supposed to be the focus of the service, she could turn it to her advantage. It was embarrassing, humiliating, and truly endearing.

It wasn't until Mema was deep in the clutches of Alzheimer's Disease that some of us saw her for what she truly was...a faithful child of God. In those days, she didn't know most of us by name or even face. She was lost in passages of time gone by. But the one thing she never wavered on was her Savior -His sweet name, His saving grace, and the songs that had marked her years of service to Him. She loved to sing and if you were with her for more than, uh, 3 seconds, you were going to hear and do some singing, too.

Being just a granddaughter-in-law, I didn't have the benefit of all the years but Mema and I shared something special. We each had a dimple on one cheek. She would always tell me "I'll kiss your sugar bowl and you can kiss mine." It was our little bonding moment. =)

If you have a moment, say a prayer for Tim's mom -Patsy, and her siblings. That time will continue to heal the hurt while the memories grow sweeter and sweeter.


Anonymous said...

It has been 5 years, I think...but don't quote me on that one.
Love ya.

The Sexton Crew said...

I wasn't sure how to post your comment without quoting you =)...

It was 2003 but I've been know to get confused when counting years. Also, I get the years mixed up between Mema, Granny, and my Papaw.

Love you! See you soon.