Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

For those of you who are local -this is no big news. For my readers to the north -you won't be impressed at all. To our southern contingency -you've already had it so blah. And now that I've established that absolutely nobody gives a rip...

It's snowing, people!

I, for one, am excited. As we drove to the church for an Upward game today I attempted to share my excitement with the world. We passed a young girl on her front porch and I turned toward the window, threw my hands in the air, and screamed "whoohooo! It's snowing!" She looked at me like I had two heads. Tim said I was crazy. Please! I see no reason for shame. If she weren't excited, too, why was she standing on her porch in the freezing cold to talk on the phone? She can act all 13 year old mature if she wants to. I know she was screaming with me on the inside.

I like snow. I don't really care for sledding. Not a big skier. Not particularly interested in making snow angels that reflect my girth. (the hippiest angels you've ever seen) I like snow because it's pretty. The biggest problem with snow is those people who mistakenly think it's meant to be played in. And worse than that are the ones who don't know the "snow rules" which clearly in an unwritten way state -"play in your own snow and stay out of mine because I'm enjoying it's prettiness!" Four, no, make that five of these destroyers live in my house. We will have to work out a compromise IF we get enough to matter.

Here's hoping!


Amy L Brooke said...

I like your blog. The kids are adoreable. I just hopped over from Lysa's site. Hope you enjoy the snow.

nancy said...

I'm sorry but I'm with the kids on this one. Snow is meant to play in. If you want pretty just look in the mirror. If you want fun go outside and play in the snow. It's actually great snowball snow. I just had a snowball fight. Didn't hit anyone cuz I throw like an old lady, but it was fun.

The Sexton Crew said...

Amy- I've been doing alot of that myself but Lysa has quite a list so I haven't made it through all of them yet. Thanks for reading!

Nancy- First, you're very sweet! Second, glad to hear your back is feeling better. Third, naybe you and Dave need to drop by. The right target just might sway me to the other side. ;-)

Nadia said...

well I for one would GLADLY give you our snow AND the cold that goes along with it for about 6-8 months out of every year, ACK..snow sucks!

faithful blog lurker
Nadia in Alberta Canada
sister to 3 haitian angels

The Sexton Crew said...

Funny Nadia! I guess it's different when it's life and not just novelty. Maybe the snow is always whiter on the other side of the fence. ;-)