Sunday, January 13, 2008


...singular sensation!
Happy 1st Birthday
Isabella Joelle!

She started out a bit timid but as you can see the sugar took over and a monster emerged.
I've shared each child's adoption story on their birthday and Bella's is kinda short and sweet. We signed on with Amazing Grace Adoptions. Then thought God had closed the door. Then got a phone call on a Monday night in January. Hit WalMart on Wednesday. Picked her up on Thursday, January 25th. There have been times when I envied those who get to surprise their loved ones with the news -"Guess what? We're pregnant!" BUT I can't imagine it's any better than emailing a photo that says "just want you to see your new granddaughter!" Such a fun moment.
The past year has FLOWN by. It didn't help that she crawled at five months and walked at nine months. We were talking with friends about how amazing it is that this time last year, we didn't even know she existed. She has been such a delight to all of us and we can't imagine life without this special little surprise from God!


Heather said...

Documenting a sugar high, impressive! ;-)

The Millenders said...

I agree! We love her to pieces!! Thanks for sharing her with us!

love ya bella!

Kris said...

She is such a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing her big ONE year pictures with us. What a joy she must be!

Amy said...

Oh, too cute. Happy birthday Bella!
the other Amy (TN)

Anonymous said...

The boys love the pictures of their cuz! Wish we could have shared in the celebration.


Shortstuff said...

aw she is so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

you have the most ADORABLE children ever!!(well for now at least ...give me a couple of years...) i can't believe how big bella is! i could eat her up! send her to me would ya??? jena ;)