Thursday, January 3, 2008


Christmas Morning

Star Wars was a big favorite for the boys.

Followed by the guns and cowboy gear.

Mamoune got an abundance of wigs.

A pirate queen.

In Helen, GA

I told them to pretend to lick the suckers. Notice the trasheater in the family -the one who actually put her tongue on the lollipop. Bizarro. Maybe this explains her super human immune system.

In Atlanta
Mom decided we all needed to spice up our marriages. Here we have Ronny the jailbird, Tim aka Prince Charming, and Jeremy the sugar daddy. Just what I've always fantasized about -my husband wearing a costume provided by MY MOM! :-/

Mabell and 10 great-grandchildren.

Random and occasionally interesting pictures Amie and Tim took while doing 85, er uh, 65 down the interstate. We are goofy and we know it!

Coming into Atlanta

Not sure what they mean business about but I feel better just knowing they do, in fact, mean business. Don't you?

We've appreciated your cooking for years but didn't realize you had branched out. Congratulations Daddy!

I think Tim should sell this one to Al Gore for the Global Warming Campaign. =)


Anonymous said...

new camera?

The Sexton Crew said...

uh, no.

Same old camera; same old eight hour drive. I (Amie) always want to take pic's while we drive but never remember to get the camera out of the suitcase. I remembered this year and you are now being tortured for it. shrug.

Lisa said...

I looove the pics! I'm totally doing that on our next trip back north. My poor family. I think they always have felt an unknown safety in the car...not anymore!