Sunday, January 27, 2008

Much too Young (to feel this $%#& old)

Is it just me or are you getting older? Ha! There goes my fan base, huh?

While talking to our Pastor about a surgery he has coming up this week, another friend was gently encouraging him to have a realistic view of his recovery time. Now, Richard is not in the camp of the elderly by a long shot but I think she was trying to say (without actually saying) that our bodies just don't bounce back as quickly as they once did. Fair enough.

Every year on my birthday my Dad says the same thing, "You sure are making me old." Well, Daddy, and all the rest of us who can't escape this limited life span we've been given, don't worry, I have a new take on this touchy subject.

I will no longer use the term "aging." From this point on I am --ripening. Like a nice piece of fruit. It starts out firm, fresh, and a little tart; then gradually it sweetens up. Soon, it gets a few soft spots and bruises easily. Then later still, it starts to wrinkle and lose it's original shape until eventually it's just a soft mush with a strange odor.

Here's to "ripening" gracefully and not stressing when certain areas soften faster than others. =)

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Lisa said...

I'm ripe. I happy to be in the same fruit bowl with you, girl!