Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Change the World

I can't change the world but I can change the blog. A new year, a new look. Actually, it's an old look that millions of other bloggers use but it's new for us and frankly, I was tired of the green.

Happy New Year everyone. We are safely home and anxious to get this Christmas tree out of the living room and get back to the grind. Not the same old grind but the new "we resolve to ...blahbady blah..." grind. We are very excited about what this next year holds but want to go into it with our heads screwed on relatively straight and our priorities, well, prioritized.

The last night of our trip, my mom and dad kept the kids while Tim and I went out for dinner and coffee. It was during our meal that I let myself really recap the years events and started crying. I felt stupid weeping over my plate of clam strips but the reality was so overwhelming and the contrast of where we are today to where we were (emotionally, mentally, and physically) one year ago was overwhelming. Here's the abridged version:

May -fought off bees, snakes, and unidentified creatures
June -trip to the emergency room/ forgot our anniversary/ looked for a new house

I'm sure it was no more or less insane than anyone else's year if they took the time to write it all out. But there you have it. I think a few tears in my cocktail sauce was an appropriate response. =)

Pictures from Christmas and our trip home in the next post.


T. said...

now I am crying! darn it all. i wish God did what we wanted -- sigh.

tc said...

Welome back. Glad your time with family was good. Call me when you get "settled" :)