Sunday, February 17, 2008

Almost Paradise

It was a wonderful, fabulous, restful, peaceful, fun, romantic, over too quickly get away. On the drive home, Tim and I were discussing this very blog post and what I could tell you about the trip. Quite honestly, we decided it was easier to list the things I could not tell you. I told you it was good. So, I won't be mentioning things like why it's funny that I tripped up the stairs to our room; or how I have a new appreciation for my husbands artistic side; or why the Food Network's "Barefoot Contessa" has become one of our favorite shows. Nope, I won't mention those things.

I will tell you about these things:

Going to the beach in winter is way cool! On Friday, we were completely alone out there. It was a bit cold with the wind so, Tim dug out a little chair for himself. This is where he spent much of his weekend. He offered to make one for me. I requested a chaise lounge. I got nothing. shrug.

Kinda weird to see a beach picture with full clothing and a winter jacket to boot. Wearing real clothes was a plus. No anxiety over bathing suits or cellulite. Huge stamp of approval!

Okay, in the this picture you have to look carefully. There is something different about me. No, it's not that my feet look unusually small (the only time my 9 1/2 clod-hoppers have ever looked small). It's something missing from the center of my forehead just above my eyes. Do you see it yet? There's NO "mommy scowl." My brow is completely unfurrowed and relaxed.

I think it's because I didn't have to remind Tim forty-six times to brush his teeth. He just did it. Amazing. I also didn't have to tell him over and over to chew with his mouth closed. He's very advanced in these areas. And so, no constant need to train and/or discipline = no mommy scowl.

We went into the trip with absolutely no plan and no agenda. We were a total success! We did nothing. Well, mostly nothing. ;-)

We are hoping to make this an annual trip. We will begin soliciting childcare next week. But if you happen to know that you will be available next February and want to get a jump on the rush of volunteers, go ahead and sign in on the comments section. =) Here's a few more pictures of the beachy wonderfulness. Tonight...sweet memories. Tomorrow....reality. sigh.


The Millenders said...

We are glad that you had a good time - it was a pleasure watching Nathan - we didn't even notice an extra kid - hopefully his retinas have adjusted to the non-xbox reality!

nancy said...

Sign me up for Mamoune again. WE had a great time with her. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. The nice thing about old age and yes, now I can say it without crying, and being dogless is that next week we leave for Florida and all we have to do is lock the door and go. Yup it's nice to get old :)

Bobbey said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Glad you two enjoyed yourselves!