Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Call Me

I've never stressed too much about appearances. I don't get too freaked out when people just "drop by" unannounced. We are who we are. The house is what it is. But for crying out loud people (read: Tim Sexton) if you're going to stop by with a van full of pastors, a two second heads up might be nice.

Bella's napping. I'm web surfing. The kids are playing outside. Life is good. Then Isaiah bursts through the door and says "Mom, Mr. Michael stopped by." I'm like "okay, which Mr. Michael?" He points out the window and sure enough there is Michael Liter (worship pastor for any non Faith-ers) in the church van. I think to myself I wonder why he's not with the rest of the pastors at the meeting? I walk out to see what's up to find that he IS with the other pastors (all seven of them). They're all here in the van in my front yard. And now, I am in my front yard looking like a thrift store model reject - too tight red work out pants - black shirt -no matching purple house shoes -not a stitch of makeup unless you count the black smudges of yesterday's mascara - just ate lunch probably got food stuck in my teeth - soup breath FREAK!

The epitome of a pastor's wife. Tim, you must be so proud!

I know what you're all thinking. From the sound of it, a two second heads up wouldn't have made much difference. True. Maybe just a call saying "hey, we're in the yard saying hello to the kids. Don't come out!" would have done the trick. Oh well. As I said...

we are who we are and it is what it is. shrug.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should check out and adopt the Fly Lady's techniques!!

Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

i'll call you --- i'll call you a dork!!!!!!!!!!!!! red stretch pants????? never!!!!!

Lisa said...


Bobbey said...

Ummm...if you're through borrowing my outfit now, you can bring it back to me.