Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Say a Little Prayer (for you)

Hi blog family! I just need to make a quick post and ask for your prayers. My Mamabell (my grandmother who I've mentioned here before and whose story many of you have read here) is in the hospital. She went in last night with incredibly high blood pressure and hallucinations. The first round of MRI/CTscans didn't reveal an explanation so she will have a repeat of those tomorrow. She is 89 years old and has always had a sharp mind even as her body has deteriorated so, my parents were immediately concerned when she began saying things that made no sense and talking to people who aren't in the room. One of the most bizarre comments she's making is that she can hear a men's quartet singing. She can't understand their words but it's "the most beautiful singing" she's ever heard. sigh. Here is what I know:

1. I know that my grandmother is a believer and that she is ready and has no fear of meeting Jesus face-to-face.

2. I know that she has in some ways longed to go "home" ever since my grandfather's passing. She has many loved ones and a baby girl waiting to welcome her into her Father's presence.

3. I know that I am not ready to let go of her.

We are currently in that horrible position of waiting to see if and when we will need to travel to Atlanta. I selfishly want to see her again if the end is near. But I have every confidence that she knows just how much I love her and that I have to trust God's timing. He has every right to take her when He chooses or to heal her if He chooses. I don't have to like it and don't have to understand it. Sometimes humanity sucks that way.

Would you please pray for clear direction and for an accurate diagnosis/prognosis? Would you especially lift up my Dad? He is suffering from a nasty bout with the flu and is not able to be at the hospital with her. He and my mom have lived with her since Papaw died and this is a very frustrating scenario for him.

Thanks guys! I'll update you as I can.


Anonymous said...

I have been there and done that and understand what you are going through. Praises for the things you know and I am praying for all yall now!! Love ya girl!!

lisa said...

I will pray.

The Millenders said...

We are praying and love you.

Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

I am kinda late to the party. Ugh. I will pray now .. better late than never?