Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Danger Zone

I talked to my mom a few minutes ago and got an update on Mamabel. They seem to have been able to regulate her blood pressure but still no indication of what caused the rise in the first place and nothing on the MRI to explain the incoherence. As of this morning, she was beginning to chatter mindlessly again but not quite so bad as before. They plan to switch out a few more medicines and see what happens but have discussed the possibility of discharging her late this afternoon. We'll see.

Mom asked what the crew was up to and I gave her the low down on our day thus far. I had one in bed napping because she has a fever -Bella; one on the couch napping because he had a fever for two days and is tired and moody as shown by his mean treatment of anyone who breathes -Nathan; one in the bed napping because he is apparently to tired to tell the truth and needs to reset his brain -Isaiah; and one sitting at the table waiting for me to start home school -Mamoune. Yes, it was barely 11 in the morning and three of the four were confined to their beds. What a day!

We wrapped up the phone call and said our usual goodbyes but then just before hanging up she said "ok, be careful." I hung up the phone chuckling. Be careful of what? Parenting? The ultimate danger zone. Do they make safety goggles for this job? I took a moment to imagine all of the possible meanings of this and here's what I've got:

Maybe she meant "be careful" because the kids are planning a coup. What did Mamoune tell her in that 45 second conversation?

Maybe she meant "be careful" that you don't kill the children no matter how ornery and grumpy they are.

Maybe she meant "be careful" because someday YOU will be the one in the hospital and they will be in charge of the care you receive.

OR maybe just maybe she meant that Tim and I should go back to Ocean Isle for another week or two and we should "be careful" on our way there. Clearly, we have a winner! Mother knows best, right?


Aubrey said...

ok, so I have never left you a comment before. I am Bella's teacher the 2nd hour at church. I don't see you when you pick her up so I didn't get a chance to tell you that she wasn't her usual playful self. She came right and plunked herself on my lap.... and that is where she stayed. So I am not surprised to read she is not feeling well poor thing. And by the way, she smelled DELICIOUS on Sunday (not that she ever smells bad, lol) I wanted to nibble her!!!

The Sexton Crew said...

Hey Aubrey! I was at home with Nathan on Sunday (guess she was in the beginning stage of what he had). Thank you for loving on my girl! Oh, and the wonderful smell is Garnier Fructis smoothing oil. It helps tame her crazy curls and does smell great! (very helpful when her mom is slack and only gives her a sponge bath.)


Anonymous said...

Pictures would be nice...

The Sexton Crew said...

uh, pictures of what? my mom? sicko.