Thursday, February 14, 2008

Come Away with Me

I don't have much time to report because I have A LOT to do. Tim and I are getting outta Dodge. A Valentine's Day rendezvous of sorts. Our children are being dispersed through out the Youngsville/ Wake Forest area into the hands of capable and incredibly generous people!

We will head to Ocean Isle when Tim gets home from work today and will be back Sunday afternoon. We have no plans, no agenda, no expectations... except quiet. It has been a long time since the two of us spent multiple days alone (toghether). Some friends from our old Sunday School class reminded me last night of the last occurence which had been (and for all of history will be) dubbed "Sex Fest 2004." Some day I'll have time to explain how that came to be. The concept, not the details. ;-) Have mercy!

And now, I have a ton of packing and prepping to do. Nathan just brought an armload of clothes he thinks he needs. It looks like he just scooped out the entire shirt drawer. Better get on that. I will try to send a mid-weekend post from the beach -ah, that sounds nice doesn't it? But if you don't see anything new for a few days you'll know why.

Happy Valentine's Day -Kiss your sweetheart!

Addendum: Please pray for Isaiah. He is stressing. This is not his first time away from us but it is his first time away indepent of his brother and sister. He is staying with a friend his age and will have a great time but he is stressing just the same. He's had one tearful melt-down so far. Which means his mom has had one tearful melt-down so far. ugh. He is chattering constantly and keeps hugging/touching everyone. He's not our touchy-feely kid, so it's kinda weird. Pray that he will adjust quickly and especially for bedtime which may be the worst. Thanks!