Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Say, Say, Say

Here are some random conversations and happenings at the Sexton house:

While I was trying (hurriedly) to get ready to run a quick errand yesterday, Mamoune confiscated my make-up bag. I told her to give it back to me. She said, "Mom, you have to say the opposite. It's opposite day." I remembered this silly little game from childhood. I thought it was fun then. It is not. I didn't really want to play and as I said, I was in a hurry. I decided to play and not play all at the same time. "Mamoune, if you do not give me the make-up bag, I am going to twist your head in the opposite direction of your body." She accused me of being "no fun." I have no idea what she's talking about. I am so fun.

The photo to the left is a decorative "thing" we have in our house. We've had it for a year or longer. For some reason Nathan chose yesterday to finally reveal his true feelings about it. Out of nowhere he says, "Mom, I just don't get this thing. I don't think it's appropriate for the room." Appropriate for the room? He's eight. He's a boy. Yet, I found myself needing to defend my style choice to him. "Well, I was actually planning on painting the twigs dark brown." He was unswayed. "Yeah, Mom, I realize that brown is your favorite color but I still don't get it." I'll let you know when he has his own HGTV show.

Bella is consistently saying what I would consider to be her first word (not counting the mamamama, dadadadada nonsense that some parents claim. She's the fourth kid. We expect way more out of her.) The word is "esh." Isn't that sweet? Well, if you could hear it, you would melt. Especially when she waddles up to the couch and you ask if she wants to climb up and she says "esh." MEANING: Yes, for any who haven't figured it out yet. Cut her some slack--it's the best she can do with only two bottom teeth. She jabbers like crazy and mimics lots of things but this is the only one that seems to be used in the correct context every time.

Tim and I are working hard to extend our dreamy vacation into real life. We hug a little longer before he leaves for work and kiss a little longer when he gets home. The kids pretend to be totally grossed out by us. We pretend to be a childless couple in our twenties. ;-)

Hope you are all having a great week!


Anonymous said...

How was Isaiah while you were gone? And the rest of them too. How are the people who cared for them last weekend?
I wonder what their brows look like!!
Glad you all were able to go and had a good time!

The Sexton Crew said...

Isaiah did great! I knew he would. Bella's keepers (yeah Pribyls) said that she seemed to be missing the noise and chaos of our usual life. But otherwise all went well. And I didn't notice too many furrowed brows when we got back. =)