Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh My Lord...Lord, Lord, Lord

It's Black History Month! Maybe you haven't thought much of it. I hope to encourage, perhaps even admonish you, to think A LOT about it. We live in the most amazing country ever! But she is not without blemish.

In Exodus 13, God establishes the Passover Feast so that year after year the Isrealites would remember their story and tell it to their children and children's children. It was a story of bondage, oppression, and the ONE true God who delivered them. Our African American brothers and sisters have such a story as well and it is right and necessary for us to remember it and tell it to our children and our children's children -irregardless of color. It is part of HIStory that includes personal suffering and personal triumph; national disgrace and national progress; much to be grieved and much to be celebrated. And MUCH yet to be written.

Below is a list of movies and books that are among our favorites. I've given the title and when possible a link to it's subject matter or the book itself. It is by no means an exhaustive list but it will get you started. I hope you will at least check a few of them out. And just maybe, as we have, you will fall in love with these inspiring men and women who have sacrificed for justice, equality, and freedom for all of us.

Glory -All time favorite. Get out your tissue box.
The Long Walk Home -Another topper on the list!
Remember the Titans
Music of the Heart
Imitation of Life (there are two versions, I recommend the 1959 filming)

Children's Books:
The Story of Ruby Bridges
Follow the Drinking Gourd
Dear Ma's Aprons
Henry's Freedom Box
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
Carolina Shout
Barefoot (Escape on the Underground Railroad)
A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth


The Millenders said...

no pics, no comments.


Bobbey said...

Sydney has brought many of these home from the school library this month and we've enjoyed reading them together. I'm going to make a suggestion list for her out of the rest. I'm CERTAIN the Creedmoor library won't have them. *sigh*